Ferrari 458 Carbon Fiber F1 PanelFerrari 458 Carbon Fiber F1 Panel

Carbon Fiber F1 Gearbox Control Panel

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Carbon Fiber F1 Gearbox Control Panel
This carbon fiber part is made using the exact same quality carbon fiber and weave as used by Ferrari. 
In order ensure proper fitment of our carbon fiber parts, we spent time developing injection molding attachments which replicate the intricate attachments of the OEM pieces.
This will allow you for an easy and non-complicated installation and to keep the OEM look on your Ferrari 458 Coupe and your Ferrari 458 Spider and thus, at a much lower price than the OEM parts.
This part will fit the following vehicles:
  • Ferrari 458 Italia,
  • Ferrari 458 Spider
Two versions for this panel are available:
  • F1 Panel with the F1 Logo
  • F1 Panel WITHOUT the F1 logo (like the Ferrari OEM Part)

Make the appropriate selection of your choice in the OPTION selection drop down.

THIS IS NOT A "DIY" INSTALL. Requires a knowledgeable technician as F1 components have to be removed and put back in place

  • We guarantee you full satisfaction or your money back
  • We guarantee you a 99.9% fitment of the parts
  • We guarantee you the Ferrari OEM Look and Feel

About Our Manufacturing Process:

Manufactured in both Europe and in the US, our high quality Carbon Fiber parts and components are made of pre-preg carbon fiber material using CNC designed molds to ensure proper fitment. They are then vacuum molded in state of the art autoclaves and finished to OEM specs.
Our parts are made using the exact same quality carbon fiber and weave as used by Ferrari, allowing you to keep the OEM look on your Ferrari 458 at a much lower price.
Using DuPont's SupraShield™, the clear Coat on our carbon fiber parts are all binary clear coat compositions using ceramic particles designed to offer long-term scratch resistance, gloss and durability and is applied as a final coating over a traditional clear coat, CeramiClear™ has an approximate thickness of 7.5 µ (0.5 Mil) this top layer also contains the paint systems UV protection.