F8 Title

Like a lot of people "out there", we thought the successor to the 488 would ride on a new platform.

To our surprise, the Ferrari F8 Tributo is that, under the skin, it isn't that new. One would say that it is a "significant revision" of the 488.

When last year, Ferrari announced it was working on a new mid-engine architecture that can accommodate a hybrid powertrain. we assumed the 488's successor would ride on this platform.

To our pleasant surprise, and more focused on daily usability, Ferrari elected to forgo the power and torque boost of a hybrid system and instead, create something that sits between the 488 GTB and Pista.

This translated to us that, as far as the carbon fiber parts for that vehicle are concerned, and to our satisfaction, quite a few of the carbon fiber parts we are currently making for the 488, will also fit the F8. This means they will be available right away.

F8 available

Engine Bay Parts Available:

- 488 / F8 Carbon Fiber Engine Bay Panels
- 488 / F8 Carbon Fiber Underscreen Shield
- 488 / F8 Carbon Fiber Water Tank Cover
- 488 / F8 Carbon Fiber Lock Cover
- 488 / F8 Carbon Fiber Airbox
- Carbon Fiber Oil Cap Cover

Exterior Parts Available:

- 488 / F8 Carbon Fiber Fender Shields (to be comfirmed)
- 488 / F8 Carbon Fiber Door Handles
488 / F8 Carbon Fiber Fuel Door
- 488 / F8 Carbon Fiber Mirrors & Door Corners
- 488 / F8 Carbon Fiber Mirrors Inserts
- Carbon Fiber Hood Badge
- Carbon Fiber Wheel Caps
- Italian Flags


Interior Parts Available:

- 458 / 488 / F8 Carbon Fiber Tach Cover
- 488 / F8 Carbon Fiber Door Sills

F8 New Parts
What are we going to develop and offer?  (AVAILABLE MID 2020):

Based on what we saw on the F8, we are most likely going to develop and offer the additional parts for the F8 Tributo:

1. Front Bumper Side Aero
2. Central Bumper
3. Rear Bumper / Diffuser
4. Side air Inke Flaps
5. Side Skirts
6. Center Console F1 Bridge
7. Center Console F1 Bridge Support
8. Door Panels
9. AC Panel Cover
10. OEM Dash Board
11. Extended Paddles

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